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Hunter Pacific Logic Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control And Receiver Kit

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LOGIC. the name says it all. Many years of experience has shown people expect a remote control system to work properly, be easy to use and that gimmick functions are a nuisance. Attractive, functional and offering must have features like 4 speeds,dimming for most type of lights,"Power-On-light" and buzzer silencing, the "LOGIC" makes perfect sense.

This kit includes the following:
Radio frequency receiver

Why use a remote? Often times when installing a new ceiling fan extra wires need to be run from the fan to the wall controller. In many situations this is simply not possible or too expensive. This is where a remote control comes in handy. No additional wires need to be run down the wall as the remote control unit operates all the fans functions negating the need for a wall controller.

Please note: Remote controls cannot be used in conjunction with wall controls.